The perfect solution for managing the team by working from home at this COVID pandemic

One of the most challenging parts of managing a remote team is staying on the same page.

With G360, you can easily track your team's progress on any given project, tasks, or todo.

Experience the ease of managing a team working from home without the need for intrusive micromanagement.


Having the team to work from home is easy. When you have the G360

Get reports like # employees working from home, # days worked from home, # days worked at the office, time/productivity compared to "work from home" vs "work at the office"

Reduce your infrastructure cost, make your teamwork from home

Working from home is the new normal. Many of the IT companies are adopting this strategy and being successful. With g360, you can efficiently manage your team working from home.


Boost productivity by 40%

G360 gives the employee's goal for each day and tracks the time automatically which keeps them focused on this work. its help identifying and eliminating the unproductive activities of the employee

Set your office policies and get violations reports

Define start time for each employee

Define a workday as 7.5 working hours or 8 hours based on your company policy.

Employees violating the rules are identified in the watch list