Manage the remote team effortlessly

G360 acts as a platform to collaborate, manage, connect, and track your team members from where ever they are.

An automated remote work software built to collaborate anywhere, track work progress, align team members, get realtime status on tasks, and employee time.


Get the missing piece

Get the exact time spent on each task of the weekly sprint. Predict the risk, be proactive, and give attention where needed. Get the 360 views.

Learn how to work remotely with G360


Reduce your infrastructure cost, build a strong reliable remote team

Feature list of G360

  • icons Employee Onboarding
  • icons Projects Onboarding
  • icons Complete project management tool
  • icons Connect to a famous project management tool
  • icons Backlogs
  • icons Sprint planning
  • icons Sprint boards
  • icons Bridge the tasks
  • icons Automatic tasks time tracking
  • icons Task planning
  • icons Todo list
  • icons Automatic todo time tracking
  • icons Automatic workday time logs
  • icons Project metrics
  • icons Resource metrics
  • icons Task metrics
  • icons Billable/Nonbillable metrics
  • icons Leave Management
  • icons Permission Management
  • icons Resource Release Management
  • icons Live Work Status
  • icons Performer Board
  • icons Watch list
  • icons Skill Management
  • icons Team Management
  • icons Automatic Screen Shots
  • icons Attendance Management
  • icons Calendar
  • icons Violations
  • icons Activity Center
  • icons Support Center
  • icons Help Center