We built for us, it was highliy productive, we made it available for others

G360 was born out of the need for the Twilight IT Solutions to manage its employees and the project they are working on. We searched for ready-made software that can help them but the biggest problem in the market is that it treats employees and projects as a separate entity. One employee may work on multiple projects that are managed by different project management tools. It is difficult to identify the performance of the employees as their time is distributed in various project management tools. We decided to build our application that bridges the employees with multiple projects, tasks, todos, meetings, and tracks their time spent automatically without any manual intervision. G360 had improved our companies productivity by 40%. We thought why not offer it to other companies, so we made this product as SAAS.

G360 is a product designed to increase productivity in an open and empowering platform. It Boosts your employees and motivating them to perform at 100% of their potential.


Our milestones and how it all began

May 2020

IOS and Android mobile apps

Now you can get all the necessary information from your mobile for managing the team on the go.

Feb 2020

Integrations with major project management

G360 now integrates with Jira, Asana, AzureDevops, and GitLab. Users can pull their projects into G360 and log their time within the apps and capture the time spent automatically. The status of the tasks is synced 2 way between G360 and list project management tool.

Dec 2019

Task Driven Approach

Track time on the task level that is planned on the sprint backlog. Capture the time spent on each task automatically and compare it with the estimate provided. Identify the resources that are not having enough tasks allocated.

Aug 2019


Generic tasks that are not associated with any other projects can we managed and tracked with this TODO module. Time spent on TODOs is automatically tracked without any manual entry.

Dec 2018

Complete project managment tool

G360 added a complete flexible project management tool through which you can create backlogs, sprint boards, tasks, sprint reports, etc.

Feb 2018

Team reports

G360 released a new module by which managers can track their team members on a single page and get information like, time spent in tasks, screenshots, billable hours, violations, and activity logs.

Nov 2017

Watch list and Voilations

Employees who are not following the companies policies can be identified by the Watch list and Violation module. This greatly helps the HR department for educating the employees on company policies.

May 2017

Screen Shot

G360 adds the Screenshots feature. This feature lets managers capture employees’ screens at random intervals to follow the work in progress. You can enable us to disable the screenshot feature on an employee basis as needed.

Sep 2016

Time tracking and Leave Tracking

G360 Initially started on tracking the time spent by the employees on the project level. It supported Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems.